Maintenance Plans

We can maintain your system for you even if we did not install it.

Maintenance Plans

Not only does Whitehead install, service and repair commercial and residential HVAC units, we also offer quality preventative maintenance plans for any system. We can maintain your system for you even if we did not install it. We perform a 14 point inspection of your system twice annually. Our maintenance visit allows our technicians to spot any trouble before it becomes a costly repair job!

Things to note:

Our 14 Point Maintenance Plan includes:

  1. Wash air-cooled condenser coils
  2. Brush clean evaporator coils
  3. Blow out and flush drain lines
  4. Check electrical connections; tighten where needed
  5. Oil motors (when accessible)
  6. Check amperage draw on compressor, motors & electric strips and record
  7. Check voltages and record
  8. Check refrigerant charge & levels
  9. Check refrigerant pressures
  10. Check temperature differential across indoor coil
  11. Check temperature differential across outdoor coil
  12. Check thermostat; level & calibrate where needed
  13. Over-all visual inspection
  14. Record all service data for customer’s file

Trust Whitehead for Your Preventative Maintenance Plans

Whitehead's HVAC maintenance plans are focused on proactive care and attention to detail, aimed at maximizing system efficiency, reliability, and longevity while minimizing the risk of costly repairs and disruptions.

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